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A Map of the 2015 Baltimore Riots
The 2015 Baltimore Riots – Mapped.

Baltimore Riots: Then & Now
2 Maps That Explain The Baltimore Riots – 1968 And Now.

A crowdsourced syllabus about including texts, films, art, music, etc. that would help in teaching students about the underlying conditions in regards to events such as the ones occurring in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray.

A list of readings that educators can use to broach conversations in the classroom about the horrendous events that unfolded in Charleston, South Carolina on the evening of June 17, 2015. These readings provide valuable information about the history of racial violence in this country and contextualize the history of race relations in South Carolina and the United States in general. They also offer insights on race, racial identities, global white supremacy and black resistance. All readings are arranged by date of publication.

#Ferguson: Digital Supplement
Our friends at American Ethnologist have compiled many online activities, lesson plans, and commentary via hashtag usage.

A crowdsourced syllabus about race, African American history, civil rights, and policing compiled by a community of teachers, academics, community leaders, and parents to teach about some aspect of the national crisis in Ferguson, Missouri.


Police Killings in the U.S.
An interactive map showing people killed by police in the US, organized by race & ethnicity as well as by state.

Race: The Power of an Illusion
The companion website to California Newsreel’s documentary Race: The Power of an Illusion about race in society, science and history. This site contains many online activities, lesson plans, and informative interviews with anthropologists and other scholars.

Matters of Race
The companion website to the PBS four-part documentary, Matters of Race, on contemporary United States racial identities. The site includes a teacher's guide for using the documentaries.

Slavery in New York
The website for the popular New York Historical Society exhibit, Slavery in New York. The site includes an educator's guide and other downloadable classroom resources.

Is Race "Real"
The website contains a series of short essays on race by leading researchers. The essays were commissioned by the Social Science Research Council.

Online Supplement for How Real is Race? A Sourcebook on Race, Culture and Biology

Honey Child A short film of how a Washington, DC father and his children question how their “race” is not always best determined by their skin color.


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