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Timeline Articles

The History Timeline is organized in three areas: GOVERNMENT, SCIENCE, and SOCIETY. Choose the timeline article you wish to view from the headlines listed below.

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tick1600-1775: Colonial Authority
1776-1800: The Paradox of Freedom and Slavery
1800-1850s: Expansion of Slavery in the U.S.
1830s-1850s: Westward Expansion Post-Mexican American War
1850s-1870s: Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow
1870s-1890s: U.S. Control of American Indians
1880s-1900s: Anti-Chinese Laws and the Spanish American War
1910s-1920s: European Immigration and Defining Whiteness
1930s-1940s: The Great Depression and World War II
1950s-1960s: Civil Rights Era and the Vietnam War
1960s-2000s: The Beginning and the End of Affirmative Action
1990s-2000s: NAFTA, the Patriot Act and the New Immigration Backlash

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1680s-1800s: Early Classification of Nature
1770s-1850s: One Race or Several Species
1830s-1890s: Race Science Exhibitions
1850s-1880s: Measuring Race
1890s-1930s: Eugenics and Physical Anthropology
1900s-1950s: Critiquing Race
1900s-1930s: Race and Intelligence
1920s-1960s: Modern Evolutionary Perspectives
1980s-1990s: The Debate Over Race and Intelligence Redux
1990s-2000: Ancestry, DNA and Biotechnology

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1600-1770: The Colonial Experience
1770s-1830s: Slavery and the Invention of Race
1800s-1830s: Indian Wars and Westward Expansion
1800s-1850s: Resisting Slavery
Late 1840s-1850s: Manifest Destiny and the California Gold Rush
1840s-1890s: The Famine and the Irish Race
1860 -1870s: Emancipation and the Backlash
1860s-1880s: Transcontinental Railroad & the Western Indian Wars
1870s-1930s: Immigration, Black Migration and U.S. Colonialism
1920s-1940s: Nazism and World War II
1945-1950s: Post-War Economic Boom and Racial Discrimination
1960s-1970s: Civil Rights, Vietnam and a Decade of Protest
1980s-2000s: Anti-Immigrant Movement and Racial Profiling

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